Multi-Mode Modules

The Most Advanced Guided Wave Inspection Method


Teletest Multi-Mode Modules are unique in the guided wave market as they accommodate five transducer elements: three to excite the longitudinal mode and two to generate torsional waves. Each mode has its pros and cons for flaw detection. Multi-Mode capability ensures the wave mode is optimized for the specific pipe being inspected. This is made possible by the Teletest Focus+™ instrument’s unique ability to transmit and receive on 40 channels.

The advantages of Multi-Mode modules include:

  • Simultaneous longitudinal and torsional data collected during the same test
  • Increased sensitivity over single-mode equipment: both wave modes are complementary given their different propagation nature of different wave modes
  • 2-ring torsional is equivalent to other torsional only products on the market

Longitudinal wave mode is not seen as a popular inspection method by industry as it is a more complicated wave mode for long range ultrasonic testing inspection. It requires further training by inspectors to ensure that wall thickness is correctly set, unwanted wave modes are cancelled, and liquid filled lines are properly dealt with. Our Teletest product range is the only solution that can offer this, and when used correctly, it is an extremely valuable method for inspecting high attenuation gas pipelines. Furthermore, it has better penetration than its torsional counterpart.

As standard, we offer the 5-ring torsional module, but discounting longitudinal as not being advantageous in any circumstances may be detrimental to your guided wave testing operations. Eddyfi Technologies offers advanced guided wave testing solutions that go beyond the status quo and keep you Beyond Current.

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