In addition to the instrumentation, Eddyfi Technologies offers packages solutions with probes, wedges and scanners.



The robust, field-proven RMA PA robotic scanning head has been successfully deployed on various assets such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines and other critical structures in harsh environments including oil and gas, offshore, mining and critical assets.

R-Scan Array

The RMS integrates a detachable handheld manual scanner for the inspection of smaller areas and assets ranging from 4 inch (101 mm) to flat plate.

The R-Scan Array can be purchased as an independent scanner, simply connect the scanner to a M2M instrument and you have a semi-automated phased-array corrosion mapping system with onboard data collection capabilities.

Ideal for complex geometry components and restricted access areas the R-Scan array offers improved inspection dexterity and total battery-operated portability.


LYNCS is an advanced modular ultrasonic inspection scanner that has been designed by experts to provide Phased Array (PAUT) corrosion mapping and PAUT/TOFD weld integrity assessment. It is the first truly versatile system that allows users to interchange between weld inspection and advanced corrosion mapping in less than 1 minute. Onboard scanner controls for seamless integration with the M2M Gekko and Mantis instruments. In weld inspection mode operators, can start and stop a scan. In corrosion mapping mode, operators can increment or stitch data together without touching the PAUT instrument.

Nozzle Scanner (3-axis)

A versatile manual scanning solution developed for the inspection of nozzle welds. Available for two-axis and three-axis instruments and adaptable to cover a wide range of 90-degree nozzle sizes, from 76.2 mm (3 in) upwards, on ferritic and austenitic materials. The Nozzle scanner is natively Gekko compatible. Only 127 mm (5 in) clearance.

Automated Scanner Navic

The Navic is a modular, motorized, steerable scanner designed to carry multiple attachments used in various scanning and inspection applications. The remote operated scanning platform is capable of circumferential scans from 70 mm (2.75 in) minimum OD to flat surfaces and longitudinal scans from 305 mm (12 in) minimum OD to flat. Its joystick-controlled steering allows for smooth and accurate weld tracking. The modular design of the Navic allows it to carry multiple attachments used for various scanning and inspection applications. Manufactured by JIREH.

PAUT Brush Scanner (3-axis)

MATRYX encoded rotating arm: Encoded rotating arm used in order to perform 2D ultrasonic mapping (C-scan) with standard phased array probe. This scanner uses 3 encoders (see detail in “MATRYX quick start” documentation.

Two fixing systems are available: Magnets and vacuums.

This package contains:

  • 1 × MATRYX with two encoded axes
  • 2 × encoding cables
  • 1 × adjustable probe holder
  • 1 × industrial casing
  • 1 × quick start documentation
  • Guarantee 1 year

Slider Scanner (2-axis)

Manual inspection encoded system designed for at and curved surfaces 6 degrees of freedom. Encoding on 2 axes (C-scan mapping). The encoding case is sliding on a rail which is fixed on the part to be inspected. Magnets or suction cups are available for non-ferritic materials.

This package contains:

  • 1 × MATRYX encoding on 2 axes
  • 2 × wires specific connector adapted to EKOSMART MATRYX
  • 1 × probe gate
  • 1 × carrying case
  • Documentation in french
  • Training
  • Guarantee 1 year


Wire encoder incremental. Standard linearity of +/-0.20%. Index of protection: IP50. Includes magnets for ease of use. Manufactured by EKOSCAN, compatible with Gekko®.