The ultimate ultrasound PAUT/TFM imaging machine

M2M Panther™ combines the speed required for industrial integrated Phased Array Ultrasound (PAUT) solutions, with the most complete set of Total Focusing Method (TFM) imaging techniques, making it the ultimate tool for R&D and procedure qualification.


The Ultimate PAUT/TFM Imaging Machine

M2M Panther™ is a phased array equipment designed for both desktop and industrial applications, offering unparalleled performance in a compact unit. Combined with its operating software Acquire, Panther is today the fastest and most versatile PAUT/TFM offering of the market.

Answering to Highest Expectations

To reduce cycle time and increase production capabilities, Panther has been designed with tremendous processing power and the highest data transfer rate (320 MB/s) of the market between the instrumentation and the monitoring computer.

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Compact, Rugged & Scalable

Panther is compact (300 × 220 × 155 mm/11.8 × 8.7 × 6.1 in), IP54 and takes advantage of its parallel and stackable architecture (up to 16 units of 128 channels) to meet the speed and resolution requirements of the most demanding applications.

What You See, Is What It Is

Recognized amongst the highest resolution ultrasound techniques, Total Focusing Method (TFM) is natively implemented on Panther. With TFM pictures of 1.5+ million pixels in real-time, TFM offers efficient high-definition imaging for better flaw detection and easier defect characterization.

Advanced Phased Array Modes

Acquire is M2M’s up-to-date acquisition software dedicated to advanced PAUT, TFM settings and imaging. Acquire software has been designed for both industrial applications and laboratory demonstration.

Advanced Analysis

Acquire’s inspection data files are fully compatible with both Enlight™, CIVA and ULTIS analysis software.

Enlight add-on extends standards Acquire views (A-B-S-D-C-scans + Top, Side, Front views cumulated, TFM & 3D views) to 3D merging of data, automatic analysis, and advanced reporting. In addition to real-time TFM imaging, full waveform FMC data acquired by Panther can also be post-processed by CIVA analysis add-on.
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Software Development Kit (SDK)

In addition to the Acquire acquisition software, M2M offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) to customize application-based software interface for a fully automated inspection solution:

  • Full control in real-time of the Acquire software (remote server) : Gain, TCG, gates, alarms, coders, etc.
  • Real-time data retrieval (data server)
  • Software language independent
  • Very limited hardware knowledge: same program for all M2M hardware’s architectures
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Acquire Features

  • 3D CAD configuration and rendering
  • Linear, matrix, DLA, DMA, Daisy, Annular, Sectorial probes
  • PE, TOFD, PAUT, through transmission, FMC, PWI, TFM imaging techniques
  • Adaptive TFM modes
  • 3D real-time imaging
  • Unlimited number of probes
  • Unlimited number of groups

Exclusive Content

How to simplify welds NDT inspection using Total Focusing Method (TFM) and Phased Array UT (PAUT)

Girth-weld inspections require numerous parameters to be specified on most flaw detectors. The Gekko and its user interface (Capture) solve these challenges. Using off-the-shelf probes, the NDT inspector can quickly configure his unit, scan and analyze the collected data with confidence.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn:
How fast Capture makes it easy to get ready to scan using ultrasonic techniques such as Total Focusing Methods (TFM) and Phased Array (PAUT), how streamlined is the analysis of TFM data and how chosen approaches compare.
How adding TFM to a PAUT unit overcome limitations of each technique
A case study: girth-weld inspection setup, data acquisition, and analysis overview


Weld Inspection Paparazzi | World Pipelines Article

This exclusive content discusses the use of ultrasound imaging techniques for inspecting pipe welds of varying conditions.



Dimensions (L × W × H)

  • 300 × 220 × 155 mm (11.8 × 8.7 × 6.1 in)

Operating temperature range

  • From -10–50°C (14–120°F)

Storage temperature range

  • -10–60°C (14–140°F)


  • 6 kg (13.23 lb)


Power supply

  • 240 V (50 Hz)–110 V (60 Hz)


Scalable up to 16 Panther units | Max. single aperture

  • 256 channels

Delay-law computation for standard and parametric shapes (plates, cylinders, Butt welds, T K & Y welds, elbow, nozzle, turbine blade, nozzles,…) as well as 2D and 3D CAD

Linear, matrix, DLA and DMA, Annular and Daisy probes

Unlimited probe number | No group limitation | Up to 13100 focal laws

Linear scanning, sectorial scanning, parallel shooting, ultrafast mixed modes

Focusing modes

  • True depth, sound path, projection


Reconstruction channels

  • Up to 128

Max. refresh rate

  • Up to 500 fps (depends on the pixel numbers)

Max. number of pixels for the reconstructed image

  • More than 1 million

Multiple sound paths

  • Direct (L or S), indirect and converted modes, modes superposition


Bipolar square pulse, width

  • 30–2000 ns

Voltage amplitude

  • Max 120 V with 1 V step

Max. PRF

  • Up to 30 kHz


Input impedance

  • 50 Ω

Frequency range

  • 0.4–20 MHz

Max. input signal

  • 1.8 Vpp


  • Up to 120 dB (0.1 dB step)

Cross-talk between channels < 50 dB

Ultralow noise amplifier


Digitizing and real-time summation on 128 channels

IIR filters

Max. delay

Rectified, RF, envelope

Max. delay

  • 1.6 ms


  • 14 bit | Dynamic: 16 bit

Max. sampling frequency

  • 125 MHz

Digitizing depth up to 16 k points

Max. A-scan range 65 k points


A-scan/Peak data recording

High-speed FMC recording (320 MB/s)

Acquisition trigger on time, event, encoder

800% amplitude range

Inspection data file size

  • Hard drive limitation

Data transfer through USB3


CAD overlay and 3D view

Real-time phased array calculator

Amplitude calibration (TCG, DAC)

Wedge calibration (angle/height)

Amplitude balancing

Probe design | Weld geometry design

Part geometry with parametric shapes (plates, cylinders, Butt welds, T K & Y welds, elbow, nozzle, turbine blade, nozzles,…) as well as 2D and 3D CAD


A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, D-scan, echodynamic, Top, Side and Front view

3D view, analysis gates

Post-processing of TFM reconstruction FMC/PWI data acquisition processing in CAD geometry

Compatible with Enlight, Enlight+, CIVA and ULTIS software

CAD part geometry

  • Plate, cylinder, T or Y section, nozzle

CAD Butt weld geometry

Customizable inspection report

Amplitude range

  • Up to 800%


1 × IPEX connector for phased array (can be upgraded to 2 with splitter)

4 × LEMO® 00 | 3 × encoder inputs

1 × USB 3.0 high-speed link

1 × fiber optic port

1 × external trigger

1 × ultra high-speed summation port (for summation between modules)