Inflatable Collars

Thin and Light: Optimizing Pipe Inspections


One-piece inflatable collars are compatible with Teletest Focus+™ guided wave testing hardware —multimode and torsional modules— and have been designed with all common pipe manufacturing standards considered. These collars offered by Eddyfi Technologies are made from state-of-the-art fiber reinforced Kevlar that are thinner and more lightweight when compared to the industry norm. This design reduces the necessary clearance between pipes to 65 millimeters (2.56 inches) – an important consideration as many pipes run in close proximity.

The extremely versatile collar is clamped around a pipe with a rapid latch mechanism and can be mounted and secured in a matter of seconds. Single collars can be used on pipes ranging from 152 to 609 millimeters (6 to 24 inches). Two collars can be “daisy-linked” for inspection of pipes ranging from 660 to 1,371 millimeters (26 to 54 inches). To further cut down on operational costs and maximize production efficiencies, it is possible to connect three collars to inspect pipe sizes up to 1,981 millimeters (78 inches).

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Check out this technical brief on the use of these inflatable collars for inspection of large diameter pipes.