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Important changes:

  1. Wavescan now incorporates a “Connection Troubleshooter” which uses Administrator privilege to configure laptop network adapters automatically to communicate with the Teletest. This is especially useful for new or unconfigured laptops.

  2. New Teletest Focus+ model E units can be wirelessly connected to Windows 10 laptops using the “Connection Troubleshooter”. Laptops running Windows 7 and 8 will be able to connect to both the older model D (Ad-Hoc WiFi) and the new model E (Access Point WiFi).

  3. The default IP address and subnet mask of the Teletest Focus+ used by Wavescan has changed to Consequently, new or unconfigured laptops will not need to be configured in order to connect to a Teletest with this new IP address and subnet mask set.

  4. Laptops can be connected to both a Teletest Focus+ and the internet more easily if this new IP address and subnet mask are used. Please check that you can connect to your Teletest before going on-site.