M2M Capture

⚠️ Please read the following indications carefully⚠️

To help us direct you to the most recent software version available for your M2M inspection instrument, we invite you to complete the following steps:

1. On the Homepage of your current capture software, navigate to the System Information tab by clicking on the information icon.
(located in the upper right portion, featuring the software's icon and a little "i" character above it)
2. Once on the System Information tab, validate that the software update, in the packages tab, is enabled.

M2M Capture version step 1
M2M Capture version step 2

Now, choose the best path forward (if you're not currently running Capture 3.1.4 or later, we strongly recommend you upgrade to 3.1.10 before proceeding) :

1. I confirm that the software update is enabled on my instrument.

Download Capture 3.3.1

2. Software update is not enabled on my instrument.

Have someone contact me

Looking for Version 3.1.10 of Capture, instead? It's still available.

Download Capture 3.1.10