Inuktun ICON

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ICON 4.7.0

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Minimum Computer System Requirements

Processor: Sixth generation Intel® Core i5 or greater
Graphics: Intel® UHD 620 or greater with Intel® Quick Sync enabled; DirectX 11 or higher compatible
RAM: 8 GB minimum
Application Disk Space: 30 GB minimum (for application installation and database)
Data Disk Space: >500 GB for visual inspection data (separate system and data HDD or SSD with 3.0 GB/s access speeds recommended)
Operating System: Windows™ 10 (Professional recommended)
Screen Resolution: 1920 x1080 minimum

Note: ICON™ is a resource intensive application; other applications may also consume resources and as a result they may interfere with the operation of ICON™.

Note: Requirements are subject to change based on system requirements and configuration. Support for systems not meeting recommended minimum specifications may be refused.

Supported Video Frame Grabbers

The following video capture devices are supported by ICON™:
- Black Magic
- Magewell USB Capture Plus frame grabber family

Note: Ensure that the requirements specified by the frame grabber manufacturer meet the system requirements.

The file must be decompressed to open properly. Use WinRAR to do so.