VT150 Vertical Crawler

Adjust To Size. Power To Spare.

The VT150 Vertical Crawler™ is a unique inspection robotic solution for asset integrity condition assessments of those seemingly inaccessible industrial locations. Based on the proven VT100 Vertical Crawler™, this robust system employs three Minitracs™ and an expandable tripod chassis, allowing it to perform difficult inspections over a range of pipe sizes in virtually any orientation.


  • Operates in pipes ranging from 406–914 mm (16–36 in) with remote pipe adjusting chassis*
  • Works on any incline from horizontal to vertical
  • Independent track control for easy navigation around multiple bends and vertical pipe segments
  • Travels distances as far as 900 m (3000 ft) in a single run**
  • Option for high definition camera for more detailed remote visual inspection


Key Industries

  • Oil and Gas (onshore and offshore)
  • Petrochemical
  • Nuclear
  • Mining

Key Applications

The VT150 Vertical Crawler (VT150VC) employs field proven Minitracs and an Spectrum 90™ pan, tilt and zoom inspection camera for a variety of remote visual inspection applications across a range of applications. This remotely operated robotic crawler is ideal for inspection of flexible risers, vertical and inclined pipework and caissons, vertical air and seawater intakes, oil and gas refineries, water and sewer pipelines and other vertical non-ferrous infrastructure requiring integrity assessment.

Special versions have included a rotation drive for precision radial positioning, and a bidirectional shuttle for multi-tool deployment. This flexible system is ready for your unique inspection requirements.

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No magnets required means no problem for non-ferrous assets requiring inspection

Vehicle generates resistance through an expansion force and is not reliant on gravity or magnets for traction

Intuitive functions allow inspectors to quickly learn and operate camera and vehicle

Readily adaptable for NDT sensors and tooling for specific job requirements

Waterproof up to 60m/200ft for in-service or subsea operations

No fear of standing water when inspecting offline (or even online) assets



Depth rating

60 m (200 ft)

Maximum tether length

900 m (3000 ft)**

Maximum speed

6.4 m (20.9 ft) per minute

Vehicle payload

11 kg (25 lb) per track

Front facing camera
  • Spectrum 90
  • Optional: Spectrum 120HD high definition camera*
Rear facing camera


Operating temperature

0–50°C (32–122°F)**

Vehicle weight

46 kg (102 lb)

Pipe range
  • 406 mm (16 in) minimum
  • 914 mm (36 in) maximum***
Product family

OnDemand Specialty System


VT150 Vertical Crawler
  • 3 × Minitracs
  • 1 × Spectrum 90 camera
  • 3 × auxiliary LED lights
  • Tripod chassis and wiring harness
  • 300 m (1000 ft) tether
  • Rack mount PC-based controller and power supply with ICON control and reporting software



Maximum tether length 300 m (1000 ft) with HD video


Dependent on operating conditions. Ask your sales expert for more information.


Track extensions required for full diameter range.