Versatrax 300

See It Coming. A Mile Away.

The Inuktun Versatrax™ 300 robotic crawler is the solution to ultra-long range pipe inspection challenges. Able to inspect more than 2 km (1.3 mi) of pipe in a single run, the Versatrax 300 includes three onboard video cameras, multiple sensor options and is operable in pipe as small as 300 mm (12 in) internal diameter.


  • Able to inspect extremely long distances over 2 km (3000 ft) in a single run
  • Operates in pipes as small as 300 mm (12 in)
  • Up to three onboard inspection cameras for detailed integrity assessments
  • Fiber optics within tether allows for high bandwidth custom payloads


Key Industries

  • Municipal (sewer and water)
  • Oil and Gas (onshore and offshore)
  • Petrochemical
  • Military and Security

Key Applications

The Versatrax 300 (VT300) long range pipe inspection vehicle provides remote visual inspection in pipelines, tunnels and culverts with limited access points. It is used to verify new construction or cleaning and assess remaining useful life in aging infrastructure. This includes in-service lines like subsea oil and gas pipes, hydro-electric penstocks and mining site water mains. Versatile and customizable, the Versatrax 300 can deploy sensors and tooling in the most remote and unaccommodating locations, giving operators the precise functionality required for their specific operations.

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Waterproof up to 60m/200ft for in-service or subsea operations

Intuitive functions allow inspectors to quickly learn and operate pipe inspection robotic system

Readily adaptable for NDT sensors and tooling for specific job requirements

Power supplied through the tether means extended deployment time without fear of battery drain



Depth rating

60 m (200 ft)

Maximum tether length

2130 m (7000 ft)

Maximum speed

9 m (30 ft) per minute

Vehicle payload

180 kg (400 lb)

Front facing camera

Spectrum 120HD

Operating temperature

0–50°C (32–122°F)*

Vehicle weight

104 kg (230 lb)

Minimum vehicle dimensions (L × W × H)

1651 × 371 × 434 mm (65 × 14.6 × 12 in)

Product family

OnSpec Custom Solution


Versatrax 300
  • 4 × brass Minitracs
  • 1 × Spectrum 90 camera
  • 1 × auxiliary LED lights
  • Parallel chassis and wiring harness
  • 2130 m (7000 ft) tether
  • Rack mount PC-based controller and power supply with ICON control and reporting software



Dependent on operating conditions. Ask your sales expert for more information.