Versatrax 150 Analog

Tight Squeeze. Extensive Inspection.

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The Versatrax™ 150 Analog -an OnSpec Custom Solution- is a low maintenance robotic crawler that's simple to deploy for remote visual inspection over long distances in small pipelines. This robust workhorse has been designed for industrial applications and provides reliable in-service and dry environment integrity assessments of critical infrastructure.


  • Able to inspect distances up to 500 m (1650 ft) in a single run
  • Steerable parallel configuration for larger pipe or open areas
  • Operates in pipes as small as 150 mm (6 in) in inline configuration
  • Option for high-definition for more detailed structural integrity assessment


Key Industries

  • Municipal (sewer and water)
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas (onshore and offshore)
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining

Key Applications

The Versatrax 150 Analog (VT150A) is a robust pipe crawler system designed for the inspection of long pipelines, culverts or other confined areas with a limited number of access points. It is ideal for remote visual inspection of sewers and storm drains, hydroelectric penstocks, and a range of other pipework commonly found in the oil and gas, nuclear, petrochemical, and mining sectors.


Waterproof up to 60m/200ft for in-service or subsea operations

Intuitive functions allow inspectors to quickly learn and operate pipe inspection robotic system

Readily adaptable for NDT sensors and tooling for specific job requirements

Tank-like profile for traversing irregular and unexpected obstacles



Depth rating

60 m (200 ft)

Maximum tether length

500 m (1650 ft)

Maximum speed

9 m (30 ft) per minute

Vehicle payload

75 kg (165 lb)

Front facing camera
  • Spectrum 90
  • Optional: Spectrum 120HD high definition camera
Rear facing camera


Operating temperature

0–50°C (32–122°F)*

Vehicle weight

40 kg (88 lb)

Product family

OnSpec Custom Solution


Versatrax 150 Analog
  • 2 × brass Minitracs
  • 1 × Spectrum 90 camera
  • 1 × rear facing Inuktun camera
  • 2 × auxiliary LED lights (parallel chassis)
  • Inline and/or parallel chassis and wiring harness
  • 160 m (500 ft) tether
  • Inuktun Versatrax power supply and controller in a Pelican case



Dependent on operating conditions. Ask your sales expert for more information.