High Temperature Modules

Things Just Keep Getting Hotter for Teletest Solutions


Compatible with our standard inflatable collars, Eddyfi Technologies’ Teletest High Temperature modules and transducers offer a cost-effective way to inspect pipes with a maximum temperature of 240° Celsius (464° Fahrenheit) long term. Keeping the tool on a pipe rated at 350° C (662° F) for approximately five minutes per session and allowing it to cool thoroughly between tool locations has also been successfully tested.

Both Teletest Torsional and Multimode modules are available in a high temperature version, offering the same capabilities as their standard versions, with the added ability to operate in high temperatures. This was made possible by significantly redesigning the transducers without changing the size and shape, replacing the module materials with high temperature plastics, and developing an insulation layer that protects our standard collars from the heat. The High Temperature Module has proven to be an innovative, cost efficient solution for customers.

With a mandate to constantly push the limits of non-destructive-testing forward, guided wave testing is no exception and Eddyfi Technologies offers a robust range of solutions for your long range ultrasonic testing requirements.