The Magnificent Metamorphosis of M2M Mantis™

Frédéric Reverdy

Senior Application and Products Engineer

The M2M Mantis™ is a robust and lightweight portable flaw detector offering conventional Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Phased Array (PAUT), Time-Of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD), and Total Focusing Method (TFM) through a streamlined user interface called Capture™. Based on a 16:64PR architecture with three different models, Mantis addresses a full spectrum of industrial applications without compromising on productivity.

The Mantis was completely redesigned to improve portability and functionality. With a reduction in weight and thickness of about 20%, operators can hold the new Mantis in one hand making it the perfect companion for inspections with accessibility issues such as rope access. Thanks to the careful consideration of highly durable materials chosen, the Mantis has passed stringent environmental and durability testing —including drop tests— all designed to simulate real-world situations. The Mantis has one internal battery plus a hot-swappable one allowing longer operations.

On top of the reinforced casing, a lot of mechanical redesign improves the overall inspection experience. The mechanical wheel has been repositioned on the side; the PA plug cover integrates an easy latch adaptor to avoid losing it. The bright resistive touch screen is glove compatible, and a magnetic stylus is available for operators to stick on the front of the casing.

The Mantis is also equipped with the most popular connectors (IPEX PA, LEMO-00 UT and LEMO-16 encoder connectors) allowing customers to use their own probes, scanners, and accessories without any problems. Connectivity (Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 connector, and Gigabit Ethernet output) allows faster data transfer and remote-controlled inspections in challenging conditions (TeamViewer license included).

M2M Mantis Phased Array Solution

Mantis is powered by Capture, an acquisition and analysis software platform that has earned its reputation as the user-friendly, complete package designed for all ultrasonic testing operations. With intuitive calibration wizards that require a mere three clicks to complete, Capture software enables phased array inspectors to improve their knowledge without extensive training. Mantis offers three configurations to cover all budgets and applications:

  • The entry model 16:64PR is the perfect cost-effective solution for corrosion mapping and composite inspection. It embeds RMS control software to allow automated scans. With a single group, it allows the use of Dual Linear Array (DLA) probes and takes into account curved wedges for seam weld inspection.
  • The Mantis 16:64PR TFM16 offers multi-group configurations, perfect for weld inspections with two PAUT and a pair of TOFD probes. It also allows users to start investigating small TFM applications.
  • Finally, the 16:64PR TFM model unlocks the full potential with TFM up to 64 elements, high PRF and complex components (fillet welds and nozzles).

Even the entry level Mantis benefits from new advanced analysis tools to help operators perform efficient and reliable evaluations. Auto-sizing, 3D data export, and stitching are just some of the features unheard of on a basic unit.

M2M Mantis Phased Array Solution

When it comes to corrosion mapping, composite part, and thin weld inspections, trust the new Mantis to provide precise, repeatable, and fast acquisitions.

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