Software Subscriptions

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Committed to delivering the most advanced NDT solutions today, and tomorrow

Your inspection instruments should benefit from the latest, most up-to-date and reliable software. Software subscriptions remove the pains coming from maintenance plans and complicated update processes.


Eddyfi Technologies provides the most advanced NDT technologies in the world, helping OEMs, asset owners and service companies enhance productivity, save lives, and protect the environment. Our mission is to push the limits of advanced NDT to new heights.

Our strong product development team is driven by a fierce passion to bring new technologies and software features to the market. To deliver on our promise of providing the most advanced NDT solutions, we have introduced Software Subscriptions (SS) and optional Hardware Maintenance Plan (HMP).

Software Subscriptions (SS)

You will always have access to the latest version of the software available, as updates are included with the mandatory subscription. Also, note you have full flexibility not to renew your subscription for some time if you have no need for a given instrument. A software subscription must be purchased at the time of order.

  • Reduced upfront capital expenditures
  • Software updates including innovative new features
  • One or five-year subscription
  • Five-year subscriptions grant a perpetual license (as is after 5 years)
  • Software technical support

Hardware Maintenance Plans (HMP)

Annual calibrations and preventive maintenance ensure your equipment is operating in peak condition, while the extended comprehensive warranty ensures years of dependable service at a fixed budget. A Hardware Maintenance Plan can be purchased within 90 days of equipment delivery.

  • Annual calibrations
  • Preventive maintenance checks
  • Extended comprehensive warranty
  • Hardware technical support
  • Three or five-year options

Combined Benefits

  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Software updates including innovative new features
  • Annual calibration
  • Preventative maintenance checks
  • Extended comprehensive warranty
  • Software & hardware technical support

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I expect new software versions?

We are committed to at least one key software update per year, and two per year (or more!) for some high-profile product lines synonymous with significant continuous improvement and R&D.

What about new software versions after a 5-year subscription?

A 5-year software subscription grants you the right to use and access all new updates during 5 years, along with a perpetual license to access and use the last version of the software you installed (or a previously supported version that was made available to you during the 5-year subscription). Should you wish to benefit from new software versions after this 5-year period, we encourage you to contact us for updates or upgrades.

What is the advantage of a 1-year software subscription?

Compared to a longer-term participation, a 1-year subscription is significantly more affordable and reduces the acquisition cost of new technology. In some cases, it also allows you to opt for a higher-end instrument model, while keeping the total cost within budget. In all cases, when the time comes to renew, you may choose a 5-year subscription if you think it is best.

Am I forced to install new software versions?

No, you are always free to continue using a supported, previous software version during your subscription period. However, we highly recommend using the newest software to benefit from the latest features and improvements.

What is the ‘extended comprehensive warranty’ that comes with a hardware maintenance plan?

All HMPs come with an extended comprehensive warranty that completely covers your instrument for the duration of the plan. The warranty protects you from all failures arising from the normal use of the instrument: all parts and labour in the case of a repair.

What is the ‘preventive maintenance’ that comes with a hardware maintenance plan?

Unlike some, we do not simply perform a basic compliance verification on our instruments. All HMPs come with an elaborate preventive maintenance inspection: in the context of the yearly calibration, our qualified technicians actually open the casings, may actively replace some components, and always perform a series of tests (mechanical and electrical) covering all the instrument’s functionalities to minimize unforeseen failures and downtime.