Tank Inspection SNT-TC-1A Qualification and Certification

MFL inspection of above ground storage tanks (ASTs), Now available via our e-learning platform!

This qualification adds reliability and confidence to the Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspections of Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs), and provides assurance to asset owners that technicians are of demonstrated competence.
New training centers:
Houston (USA), Dubai (UAE) and Swansea (UK)



It provides the first SNT-TC-1A MFL training course for the inspection of ASTs. Training and examination certificates are issued by the Southwest School of NDT (SWS of NDT), an ISO 9001 accredited and BINDT approved training and examination center for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods. It provides an independently verified combined Level I and II qualification for SNT certification against a published written practice.

Course Content

The 80-hour (40 hours of e-learning, 40 hours at one of Eddyfi Technologies’ training centers) Level I/Level II course and examinations cover general theory of MFL, specific theory of controlling codes and specifications, and practical applications using modern MFL equipment. It is aligned with syllabus published by ASNT standard Topical Outlines for Qualification of NDT personnel ANSI/ASNT CP-105-2006 and the qualification, examinations and certification are based on the ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A as documented in a specific and detailed written practice provided as part of the course.

E-learning modules (40 hours) Image

Face to face at Houston, Dubai or Swansea (40 hours) Image

Who’s Involved

The course has been developed jointly by the Southwest School of NDT and Silverwing, a leading manufacturer of MFL inspection systems. The instructors delivering the course are qualified and experienced MFL inspectors who have extensive knowledge of the application and conditions faced by technicians in the field.


The first section of the course can be completed online via the Silverwing e-learning platform. The second section is conducted at one of Silverwing’s dedicated training facilities located in Swansea, Houston or Dubai which is a remote training center for the SWS of NDT. This facility provides the latest MFL scanners and holds a number of real and manufactured training and examination samples designed to reflect the detection requirements of MFL.

Practical Dates


27 April - 1 May
27 - 31 July
26 - 30 October


16 - 20 February
21 - 25 June
6 - 10 September
7 - 11 December

Swansea UK

20 - 24 April
13 - 17 July
28 September - 2 October

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Controlling Code and Specifications

API 653 Annex G, ASME V Article 16, EEMUA 159 Vol 4, Section 4, EEMUA Ref KALLO case study, HSE Confined Space requirements, HSE Integrity of Atmospheric Storage Tanks, HSE The use of floor scanning techniques for the examination of storage tanks.

Specific Theory and Practical Exercises

Inspection Limitations

Identify the capabilities of the system, and recognize factors that can impact on the probability of MFL detection and sizing.

Scanner Setup, Calibration and Operation

Demonstrate correct system setup, conduct, calibrate and recognize how to evaluate the calibration trace to ensure it is suitable for an inspection. Identify appropriate correct scanning techniques, data collection, and validation.

Floormap System Overview

Identify the purpose of the Floormap3Di system, what it comprises of and what functions it performs. Recognize, locate and describe the key components of the system.

Floormap Data Analysis & Reporting

Interpret the collected data using the analysis tools to aid defect identification and generate detailed reports using the SIMS software.