You Get What You Inspect

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

When it comes to marine vessels, you get what you inspect! According to Alexander Tomchev of Cargill in Bulgaria, after 20 days in tropical waters, biofouling is present on a ship’s surface. Turbulent flow around a ship hull caused by barnacles, sea grass and other fouling ends up increasing fuel consumption. We have the solution with game-changing implications for the economics of marine transportation.

There is significant cost-savings potential of substituting amphibious robotic crawlers for human divers when it comes to hull inspections, cleaning and defouling. Even more so where it can mean avoiding excessive downtime or unwanted drydocking. Did you know that there’s a crawler out there that does a perfect job… above, below and at the waterline?

See Inuktun Spectrum 45™ footage from an Inuktun miniature magnetic crawler that was utilized by Can-Explore of Quebec City to perform a ship hull inspection in the St. Lawrence River just last week. You’ll notice the improved video image while operating in the turbid, murky high current. When the details matter, we recommend the Inuktun MaggHD™ for comprehensive remote visual inspection. Contact our team to learn more now!