Wizard to check the angle/height of a wedge

Frédéric Reverdy

Senior Application and Products Engineer

A sectorial view is based on the ultrasonic and geometrical parameters of the material, probe and wedge entered by the operator. If one of these parameters is wrong, then the reconstruction can in turn be wrong and lead to errors of positioning/sizing of indications.

Let's look at a wizard that we have implemented in the M2M Gekko to check the angle and height of a wedge.

In the following image you can see a 64 element probe attached to a S55 wedge. To determine the angle and height of the wedge, the M2M Gekko fires individually each element. You can see in the Bscan view the backwall echo of the wedge (diagonal line). The M2M Gekko detects the backwall for each element (indicated by the white crosses), the operator presses "Measure" and both angle and height values are displayed on the screen. In this case we found the right incident angle of 36.6°.

This is useful to verify brand new wedges but also to verify the parameters of wedges worn out by countless inspections or when using the probe in immersion.

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