Unpiggable Pipelines No Problem for Remote Visual Inspection with IM3™ Technology

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

You asked, we answered: What are the advantages of robotic crawlers versus pigs that have been used for years? Learn more now!

We received some great questions about our IM3™ technology in a recent webinar, and we look forward to answering them over the coming weeks. In this blog, we discuss how robotic inspection crawlers can offer remote visual inspection in unpiggable pipes.

Pigs have the benefit of being able to operate over longer distances of pipelines, but their downfall comes when a pipeline changes diameter or has multiple bends over a short area. In addition, pigs require a launcher and receiver setup as well as heavy pressure to overcome friction and drive, unable to stop at regions of interest for a more in-depth look. These combined limitations do not exist for robotic crawlers like Eddyfi Technologies’ Inuktun Versatrax™ pipe inspection vehicle line-up.

When you consider that almost 75% of gas pipelines in the US were never built with inline inspection (ILI) in mind, pigs often don’t stand a chance against internal barriers and complex geometry commonly found in pipelines across the petrochemical, oil and gas, nuclear, and related industrial sectors. Fortunately, Inuktun Versatrax™ crawlers have been designed and manufactured to access the most inhospitable pipelines, typically without any reduced product flow or curtailed access.

Check out this recent #InuktunInTheWild sighting where an unpiggable pipeline was inspected for the first time! Trust our IM3™ technology to provide repeatable, actionable, meaningful, and preventative data collection results to determine the remaining useful life of pipeline assets and beyond. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable experts to learn more today!