Try the MaggHD™ for a Change

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

Since its launch less than two years ago, the OnSite Inuktun MaggHD™ miniature magnetic crawler has already been utilized numerous times across a range of industries and companies with praiseworthy success. On many occasions, through collaboration with our clients, the MaggHD™ has been adapted to overcome application specific challenges that had never been previously achieved.

Built on the IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) design philosophy, the standard system is regularly used by Dow Chemical Company in their Texas and Louisiana plants to inspect the inside of tanks and pressure vessels. Outside of the petrochemical industry, the versatile robotic crawler can be found performing external and internal inspections of wind turbines and blades on wind farms in Eastern Canada and across the pond in the UK. With options for variable intensity spot and flood lights, parallel laser lines and different control options to suit your needs, the MaggHD™ reliably executes high definition remote visual inspection with a 360-degree continuous tilt camera both in air and underwater. The small footprint of the vehicle allows confined space inspection in the tightest inhospitable industrial environments.

Understanding the industry’s need for adaptation to specific challenges, our IM3™ technology has gained the reputation for being able to inspect the unexpected. Three examples of customization through collaboration are described below.

The presence of pipework and other structures found on an oil major’s offshore platform required a custom vehicle chassis that allowed the MaggHD™ to drive underneath obstacles without sacrificing maneuverability or inspection capability. A technician worked with client personnel and their subcontractors to perform close visual inspection and general visual inspection of the complicated infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico. The results showed a 100% success rate with all requested areas fully analyzed by the OnSpec customized MaggHD™ system.

Typically, a pressure vessel inspection is no problem for the OnSite MaggHD™ standard system. However, when MISTRAS Aetos Group came across PV structures with complex geometry at a petrochemical facility in Texas, they turned to us for an OnSpec Custom Solution. A number of challenges were presented, and our in-house engineering talent created a new version of the MaggHD™ crawler with special extension arms to handle transition and traction challenges. In addition, special NDT sensors were added to the vehicle to measure coating thickness and resistivity. Read more about this here.

Outside the oil and gas sector, an OnSpec customized MaggHD™ was recently provided to TN Americas for inspection in the confined and radioactive areas outside of nuclear storage casks. Faced with non-ferrous surfaces and extremely limited entry points, the MaggHD™ required a tailored chassis that was narrow enough to overcome space restrictions, incorporate a motorized camera raise, and integrate a bespoke InfraRed (IR) temperature sensor into the camera head to allow for non-contact readings of the surface temperatures in the radioactive waste storage containers. We successfully delivered on this tall order. Learn more about this here.

Eddyfi Technologies is our name and versatility is our game! The MaggHD™ is just one example of proven modules configured to provide inspection solutions for standard operations and readily available adaptation for out-of-scope assessments. All IM3™ technology can be reconfigured to suit your specific requirement. Contact our team to learn more now.