Transporting Tools and Transforming the Future

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

We innovate and produce robotic crawlers and camera systems for a variety of remote applications including visual inspection and other nondestructive testing, cleaning and surface preparation, and remote handling or retrieval operations where human intervention is limited due to access restrictions or unsafe areas. The OnDemand Inuktun MiniMag™ magnetic crawler is the optimal solution for big payload and challenging environments.

Ideal for structural integrity assessments and remote operations in hazardous or confined spaces, the Inuktun MiniMag™ is a powerful robotic platform that travels across virtually any steel surface in any orientation thanks to a magnetic platform and a pair of rugged Minitrac™ crawler tracks. The standard configuration features includes a PTZ camera, the Spectrum 90™, for general visual inspection (GVI), but the options to integrate other technologies are almost endless;  you can add cleaning tools (like brushes or water jets), NDT sensors from Eddyfi Technologies, or other third-party payloads. Check out this robotic crawler with Aqua-Tech Solutions’ Aqua-Cavi cavitation cleaner here, and learn about an opportunity for surface preparation employing Technofink’s technology here.

Whether you need to determine the remaining useful life of a capital asset, prepare a surface for painting or rework, or just keep things clean - we’ve got a robotic transporter platform that can meet your needs!  Contact us today to learn more, and make sure to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss an upcoming #InuktunInTheWild sighting featuring the MiniMag™ performing some impressive remote operations for a multinational oil and gas company!