The Evolution of the VT150 Vertical Crawler™

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

Many of our OnSite and OnDemand products came into being because of a client request for a specialized solution to an unsolved industrial problem. In this blog we discuss how one of our Inuktun vertical crawler systems was realized based on an urgent request from a customer that needed to inspect a damaged subsea oil pipe.

The evolution of the Inuktun VT150 Vertical Crawler™ all started with the development of an OnSpec Custom Solution for NauticAWT Ltd. (formerly Nautic Group). The first vehicle was designed to inspect a client’s subsea pipe that had buckled 25 metres (80ft) below the ocean surface and up to 50 metres (165ft) below the mudline. Equipped with a custom spring expansion that self-adjusts to variations in diameter without operator input, the crawler incorporated a third-party laser scanner integrated beside the PTZ camera. The full system was designed and delivered in less than four weeks, successfully performing both remote visual inspection and defect measurement at the buckle.

The vehicle that started it all can be seen in action here travelling through a simulated pipe bend in our test lab. Updated and improved, the new VT150 Vertical Crawler™ is a perfect example of Inuktun Multi-Mission (IM3™) technology, incorporating our proven 7000 series Minitracs™ and a Spectrum 90™ pan-tilt-zoom camera. This vehicle operates in pipe ranges from 18 to 36 inches (46-90cm), easily adapting to its environment with a remotely controlled expanding tripod chassis.

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