Stainless steel weld inspection using dual-matrix probes and Gekko

Frédéric Reverdy

Senior Application and Products Engineer

Capture has a library with existing DMA available from various vendors making Gekko is fully compatible with existing equipment.

Moreover it is possible to completely configure DMAs on the equipment. The operators can define the number of elements, the both directions making it possible for customers to define and test their own DMA solutions.

Delay laws are calculated on the equipment, no need for an external software; this helps improves software ergonomics and productivity. All focusing options are available with DMAs (learn more)

All the easy-to-use calibration tools like the TCG are also fully compatible with DMAs (learn more).

As an example, we look here at a 35-mm thick stainless steel (316L) weld using a 8x4 dual-matrix array probe (DMA) at 2.5 MHz and longitudinal wedge. In the sectorial image, we can see the tip diffractions of a 10-mm notch located inside the weld.

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