Simplify Your Data Analysis With M2M Gekko Capture 2.3 Software

By Frederic Reverdy, M2M Product Sales Specialist at Eddyfi Technologies

Data scans can be confusing. The lines can be blurry, the colors might not be clear, and defects might be hard to read. In the new version of Capture, it is now possible to associate a different color palette to each group of data scans, allowing to quickly identify each group.

Not only the color palette is wider and brighter, it is also possible now to change the dynamic range of each palette individually. Now, you can easily adjust the Scan/Index offsets to change the orientation of the probes in acquisition and analysis. In this example, the two probes were not well centered, so we changed the Index offset to make sure that the lack-of-side-wall fusion and the crack along the chamfer for each group are properly aligned with the overlay of the weld.

Of course, the 800% dynamic range is still there to perform measurements of echoes that displays an amplitude above 100% screen height.

The following image is of an inspection done with two phased-array probes. You can see that the quality has greatly improved.