Phased-array bolt inspection with Gekko

Frédéric Reverdy

Senior Application and Products Engineer

We detected a 0.5-mm high crack hidden in the threads of a long bolt (400mm). We used a 10L64-G3 probe positioned on the other side of the bolt. We performed a sectorial scan using the full aperture, 64 elements. The Gekko has several focusing options, one is to focus along a line with any orientation (perfect to focus along chamfers), so we focused the energy along the threads.

See our article on delay-law calculation on Gekko and Mantis (also to read on LinkedIn: The defect can be seen in the sectorial scan with a 20 dB Signal-To-Noise ratio. We used Enlight, our analysis software, to visualize the data in the 3D CAD of the component. This allows perfect localization of the defect inside the specimen. Combining 64 elements with focusing at the right location allows the detection of small defects with good SNR.

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