MaggHD™ Miniature Magnetic Crawler Continues to Transform the Future

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

The Inuktun MaggHD™ just can’t stop making news!

You may recall a previous #InuktunInTheWild sighting where the MaggHD™ miniature magnetic crawler was featured on a BP Magazine video. And worldwide news leader Reuters has taken notice! A recent article describes how the MaggHD™ is being used in the US Gulf to take on dangerous offshore oil work. Check out the write-up here.

The article echoes the industry’s evolution of reducing CSEs (Confined Space Entries) by employing inspection robots to perform the dangerous inspection jobs required. According to Carri Lockhart, senior VP of offshore at Statoil USA, “This is going to change the way oil and gas does business”. With the push towards remotely operated and autonomous technology, the energy industry recognizes that in order to cut costs, save lives and limit human error, products like the Inuktun miniature magnetic crawler, the MaggHD™, really are the answer to transform the future.

According to the Reuters article, “BP wants the robots “to remove individuals from being in unsafe environments. The efficiencies we gain by collecting data this way are significant. The safety factor is obvious,” said Dave Truch, a technology director in BP’s Digital Innovation Organization.”

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