Inuktun Sighting #92: Spectrum 90™ Drop Camera – Mine Shaft Inspection

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

When Sovereign Consulting was approached by their client to perform a shaft inspection at Greigsville Mine, they looked to Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology for a solution that would provide video down the 150+ metre/500+ foot deep, water-filled shaft. But they needed something fast...

Our only available rental system had a short tether cable. By exploiting the IM3™ technology, however, they were able to use a longer Versatrax 150™ tether cable, with a simple adapter to deploy and control the camera directly.

Sovereign offers its clients comprehensive environmental consulting and remediation services for industrial projects including chemical, petroleum and commercial facilities throughout the USA. When they needed a special field setup for the Spectrum 90™ inspection camera over the mine shaft, our expert team provided guidance on the use of a snatch block that could accommodate the minimum bend radius of the tether. Having never done an inspection like this before, Sovereign was impressed with Inuktun’s level of expertise and customer service.

And the project drew quite a crowd; key personnel from the mine along with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation took advantage of the rare opportunity to get a good look at the geology and examine the bottom of the 100-year-old shaft.

For more information about Sovereign Consulting, visit their website at And, for more information on how our IM3™ technology can show you what’s in those unexplored places, contact our team today!