Inuktun Sighting #46: Dougness Holdings Flush with Work

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

This #InuktunInTheWild sighting features long-time client Dougness Holdings who is performing a flush/video program for the City of Nanaimo.

The Mission-based sewer maintenance company was founded in 1970 and run as a family business for nearly 40 years. Bill Cameron, the founder’s nephew, purchased the company in 1980 and Dougness Holdings continues to serve contractors and municipalities across British Columbia. While Dougness’s work is spread out all over the place, they have been getting lots of contracts on Vancouver Island and recently performed remote inspections in Campbell River.

Dougness Holdings purchased an Inuktun Versatrax 150™ Analog pipe inspection system in the ‘90s when the company decided to get into visual inspection. When evaluating remote video inspection technologies, the competition were all within $5,000 according to Cameron. What made us the easy choice was the service. Dougness are just now replacing their first Versatrax 150™ system. It still works, but loaners and parts are becoming obsolete, and it’s time to upgrade.

“Having loaners and parts close by or on a quick turnaround is a real differentiator. The warranty is great, and we haven’t had to really use it.” — Bill Cameron, Owner, Dougness Holdings

Recently, the City of Richmond was reviewing some in-pipe videos provided by Dougness on a municipal system and commented that the footage was the best quality video they have ever seen. Dougness has only ever used Inuktun cameras since getting into video inspection and often hears comments on the quality of video. Cameron said that people often ask how many rats they see, but they don’t. That’s not to say they haven’t seen a fair number of interesting or unusual things during inspection. Check out their other #InuktunInTheWild sightings to see for yourself!