Inuktun Sighting #45: The MaggHD Makes Inspection a Breeze

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

Ok – it’s no hitchBOT, but the Inuktun OnSite MaggHD™ miniature, magnetic crawler really gets around. Most recently, it was spotted remotely inspecting wind turbines in France. The MaggHD™ is a miniature magnetic crawler that provides a reliable and easy solution for onshore and offshore wind companies.

Traditionally, there are three ways to inspect turbines:

  1. Rope access. It’s exactly as it sounds. Specialized personnel inspect wind turbines and blades hoisted by a harness and rope system.

  2. Drones. A qualified pilot uses a UAV to inspect the tower and blades, subject to wind, weather and visibility.

  3. Telescopic photography (or ground-based, powerful zoom cameras). A safer solution requiring a trained photographer, further calculations are necessary to identify locations of defects found during assessment.

We introduce a fourth option with the Inuktun MaggHD™. Its small size and maneuverability combined with the high-quality camera make it an optimal choice for wind turbine and blade inspection. Even inexperienced operators can quickly and effectively deploy the magnetic crawler on an ad hoc or scheduled basis. Without regular inspection, owners risk reduced energy outputs resulting from deterioration or, worse, blade collapse. Regular asset integrity assessment with a robotic crawler saves time and money, not to mention the elimination of human risk. Sending the MaggHD™ in place of humans also lets operators keep to their schedule as weather is no longer a factor.

Expect more for less. The MaggHD™ offers real time video in full HD (1080p resolution) with 10X optical and 12X digital zoom on a 360 degree continuous tilt camera head. Inuktun ICON™ control software provides precise control with built-in recording and still image capture. And, when integrated with our playback and reporting software, detailed post-inspection reporting is quick and painless.

Whether you’re inspecting wind turbines, tanks and vessels, oil rigs, pipelines, or other infrastructure, we have the robotic camera or crawler solution for you. Contact us now to learn more!