Inuktun Sighting #155: Remotely Operated Paint Sprayer Deployed by MiniMag™ Robotic Magnetic Crawler

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

This #InuktunInTheWild sighting features an OnSpec Custom Solution that employs our MiniMag™ robotic transporter platform for one of the world’s oil and gas industry leaders.

BP has already deployed our IM3™ (Multi-Mission Modular) technology for structural integrity assessments on offshore platforms for safer and more efficient operations - learn more about how BP uses Eddyfi Technologies' Inuktun robotic inspection crawlers here. This #InuktunInTheWild sighting shows factory testing of a paint sprayer equipped robotic arm mounted onto the Inuktun MiniMag™ chassis for remote asset maintenance. This project is a continuation of concepts developed through a BP partnership with Texas A&M University. The proof-of-concept design incorporates a novel multi-function arm from Kinova and a proximity sensor to ensure consistent application of paint; test results were encouraging – a final, industrialized version of the new robot could be used to apply paint and coatings in challenging environments found in petrochemical plants, remote pipelines or offshore. Be on the lookout for IM3™ technology painting offshore oil platform risers and more in the future!

Modular in design, infinite in application – IM3™ technology is ready and available for your remotely operated operations. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team to learn more now. And don’t forget to submit your #InuktunInTheWild sightings for a chance of being featured on our blog!

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