Inuktun MiniMag™ + Aqua-Tech Solutions Aqua-Cavi = All-inclusive Remote Inspection and Cleaning Solution

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

Batman and Robin, wine and cheese, some things are just better together and here’s another example…

The Inuktun MiniMag™ miniature magnetic crawler is an OnDemand Specialty System designed for additional, infrequent, extraordinary, or out-of-scope assessments and interventions. A bigger and more powerful magnetic crawler than those offered in our OnSite Standard Product line, the MiniMag™ is the perfect platform for inspection of ship hulls, storage tanks, pressure vessels, and any other ferrous surfaces aboveground or below the waterline. We’ve recently partnered with Aqua-Tech Solutions to offer the additional capability of remote cleaning in inaccessible or unsafe environments.

Aqua-Tech Solutions is the manufacturer of the Aqua-Cavi, a cavitation unit used to clean offshore production and drilling rigs, FPSO and ship hulls, pipelines, hauls, chain, fishing nets, dams, culverts, drains, wind farms and more. A safer and more efficient solution for cleaning marine growth than traditional blasters and brushes, the Aqua-Cavi cavitation unit integrates with the MiniMag™ easily thanks to the IM3™ (Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular) design approach.

A recent demonstration of the system not only blew away surface dirt and debris, the crowd were impressed too!

Interested in more information? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team, and learn how this multitasking robotic solution can make your remote visual inspection and cleaning operations more efficient.