Field inspection of a nozzle using GEKKO

Frédéric Reverdy

Senior Application and Products Engineer

Even without scanner it is possible to have a cross-section by simply entering the position of the probe making it possible to inspect:

  • hard to access nozzles

  • small nozzles

GEKKO offers the possibility to define on-board a nozzle component by simply entering the characteristics of the vessel and the nozzle (thickness, radius, angles).

Scan plans can be defined on the equipment to describe the motion of the transducer around the nozzle for either an encoded inspection with a scanner (using up to three axis: rotation, translation and skew) or a manual one.

In this case the nozzle was relatively small (25-mm diameter) and couldn't accommodate a mechanical scanner. A manual inspection was thus performed entering the angular step for the inspection in the scan plan. For each angular position, GEKKO calculate a cross-section of the component using the position information entered by the operator. The operator can then manually adjust the position of his probe to superimpose the geometry echoes on the overlay of the component. The image on the right show the cross-section calculated at 90°, the backwall echo from the nozzle ID can be seen aligned with the overlay making sure that the probe is at the right distance from the nozzle.

On the right of this page, watch the video to see an encoded inspection using the 3-axis.