Delay law calculator extended in M2M Capture V2.3

Frédéric Reverdy

Senior Application and Products Engineer

Another peak view at the 2.3 version of M2M Capture coming up in the next couple of days.

M2M Capture can handle all kind of delay laws directly on the equipment even for dual linear and dual matrix arrays. Read this post to learn more. In the 2.3 version, the delay law calculator has been extended to allow users to select any elements they want in the aperture for emission and reception

This tool can be used to select different apertures on the same probe to perform some kind of pitch-catch.

It can also be used for example to evaluate the robustness of a procedure when elements in the array are dying. In the following image, we turn off the 10 central elements of 32L10-G1 probe to see the influence on the signal.

We can see in the 3D view the elements that have been turned off. If we look at the amplitude for the middle side-drilled hole, we can see that the amplitude drops by 3.5dB. The echoes from the SDH are also starting to split.

This new feature is giving even more flexibility to the on-board delay law calculator.

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