Curse of Oak Island’s C1 shaft inspected with Inuktun’s Spectrum 120HD™ camera

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

While you may recall the appearance of the Inuktun Spectrum 90™ pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) inspection camera on the third season of History Channel’s ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, it was the season’s fifth premiere that recently caused a stir with the Inuktun Spectrum 120HD™ high definition drop camera.

Fans of the show watched the exploration of the C1 shaft, and the anticipation of finding pirate treasure has become a real possibility. Previously aired footage hinted at what appeared to be gold in C1 and was investigated by Jeff Christopherson utilizing the Spectrum 120HD™ PTZ camera.

“Right off the bat we felt the HD camera was the right tool for this job and ultimately we were proven right when the camera reached the bottom of C1. The team noted it was the best imagery to date ever taken downhole on Oak Island.” — Jeff Christopherson, Eddyfi Technologies (Inuktun)

Designed specifically for confined spaces just like C1, the Spectrum 120HD™ inspection camera provides full HD video at 1080p, ideal for borehole and shaft inspections, or almost any other application where detailed remote visual inspection (RVI) is required. Our Spectrum™ camera systems can be found all over the world, working in some of the most challenging environments and operations including:

  • Surveillance of wells for locating lost materials, ground water pollution or contamination inflows
  • Assessment of shafts, freeway expansion joints, boreholes, sinkholes or shafts found at mines
  • Detailed inspection of pipes, pressure vessels and ducts
  • Discovery of underground tunnels, bunkers and tanks.

Built on our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) adaptive technology, Inuktun robotic camera systems can be modified to integrate sensors and tooling for your specific inspection, sensing and handling needs. With standard options like lasers for on-screen size measurement or manipulator arms with multiple jaw sets, Eddyfi Technologies' product offering enable operators and owners to reach the unreachable and see the unseen. Safely, efficiently and right on time.

When he’s not making appearances on popular television shows, Jeff Christopherson is available to answer your technical inspection inquiries. Contact the team for your RVI needs today!