At Arm's Length

Priscilla Johnson

Content Marketing Lead

Inuktun OnSpec Custom Solutions aren’t limited to big projects requiring months of specialized engineering time; sometimes they only require a minor tweak to an OnSite Standard Product.

Case in point: MISTRAS Aetos Group recently rented an Inuktun MaggHD™ magnetic crawler to inspect the inside of a pressure vessel at a petrochemical facility in Texas. But the shape and nature of the vessel introduced a couple of new challenges. Unlike a typical storage tank these pressure vessels exhibit more complex geometry – so the crawler needs to climb vertical walls but also incline planes and transition sections, without falling off or losing traction. To make things even more challenging, they expected the surface of the vessel to have a build-up of non-magnetic, slippery material.

So… what’s the solution? Our engineers evaluated the standard MaggHD™ vehicle for traction through the coating and driving across the angled transition. By exploiting the system modularity and building off of previous experience, they were able to design new magnetic arms that extend out front of the vehicle. Resembling the crawler’s own roller skates, these new “reactor arms” were bolted onto the Microtrac™ crawlers that drive the MaggHD™. After a little bit of tweaking and tuning, the crawler effortlessly negotiated a transition mimicking the shape of the reactor vessel, even with a simulated 250 millimetre thick coating. Check out a short video showing our in-house testing here

Whether renting or purchasing our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology, we can provide an economical solution that meets your remote inspection needs – in a surprisingly short time frame. Contact us with your specific challenges for a standard or unique solution today.